Cancellation Policy
Payments are non-refundable. If we receive your written cancellation at least eight weeks before the start of the training, your deposit, less a $50 processing fee, will be one time transferable. This credit is good for one year and may be used for any 'Ohana Rising Yoga School Program.

Please contact us with any questions: (732) 898-0278

Please complete our online application below.


*What is Yoga?

*The forms of Yoga

*Evolution & History

*The Yoga Sutras & The Balance of the Mind

*Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga Practice

*Bhagavad Gita... an extraordinary conversation of Soul Realization


*Mantra, the Nature & Science of Sound


*The Science of the Breath & Pranayam

*The Mind & Meditation 

*Relaxation & Yoga Nidra

*Creating a Sacred Space


*Foundation of Asana:

A Complete Guide to

The Structure & Art of all Movements

in Asana

*Applied Anatomy, Physiology 

& Biomechanics

*Navigating Common Injuries

*The Art of Adjustments & Assists

*Yogic Anatomy: 

Understanding Your Energy & Chakras

*Asana, Mudra & Banda

*Structure & Sequencing

The Journey of the Teacher

*Awakening the Heart

*Authentic Communication

*The Call of the Teacher

*Code of Ethics & Consciousness

*Service to your Students

& Virtues of a Teacher

*Business in Yoga

*Teaching Special Circumstances

& Overcoming Challenges

*Finding Your Niche

The Cycle of Life

*Journey of the Soul

*Daily Living

*Healing the Body

*Yogic Diet:  Foods for Health, Healing & Balance

Yoga began when the first soul realized its separation from God.  Since then there have been many practices and methods to reunite lover and beloved.  Each one a journey unto itself.

 Each one a journey home.  -Stephen Triolo

​There is a great wellspring of love and light inside you.  What a wonderful gift to open yourself up to this and help others find it within themselves. -Lisa Brodrick

The Journey Home

Welcome Home!  The 'Ohana Rising Yoga 200hr RYT Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training is a foundational program designed for dedicated practitioners & seasoned teachers.  Our goal is to offer a comprehensive course of study into the 8 limbs & the four main paths of yoga: Karma, Bhakti, Jnana & Raja.  This training will place an emphasis on personal growth, development and will provide you with a thorough understanding of yoga asana, philosophy, meditation, & pranayama.  


Advanced practice is any movement that brings us closer to the recognition of our true self.- Dhanurdhara Swami

It is very good to see thousands of new teachers, so that with our thoughts, we can gradually change the world... send peace to the world. That's the best contribution to world peace.  First the students should find their peace, and then they share with the other students.
- Sri Dharma Mittra

Application Questions

Please complete application (BELOW) with the answers to the following questions.  You may upload your answers in a word file below.  We will contact you within 24 hours to schedule interview.  Registration is secured once application process is complete & deposit has been received.  All information received is private & confidential.

  • What is your relationship with yoga?
  • What does A Journey into Self transformation mean to you?
  • What is inspiring you to do this training? Do you have a specific goal in mind?
  • List Yoga history, experience, styles practiced and previous training: 
  • Yoga or related teaching experience:
  • Influential teachers, teachings, books you have encountered:
  • Please enter your level of interest for the following topics (L=low, M=med, H=high): Philosophy___ Meditation___ Pranayama___ Teaching principles___ Diet and nutrition___ Career____ Asana____
  • Please list or comment on any other areas of special interest to you:
  • Special skills, hobbies, sports, occupation, etc.:
  • Any injuries or illnesses:
  • Are there any health concerns we should be aware of in order to help support you in this training?​

2017 - 2018 Dates

The program will run over 10 weekends from September 2017- June 2018.  During the last half of your training, you will have the opportunity for a teaching internship at 'Ohana.  Our intention is for a complete and comprehensive study to prepare you as a teacher and facilitator of yoga through authentic study & personal growth.

TT Weekend Schedule

Friday 6-9pm

Saturday 1-8pm

Sunday 9-5pm

Additional "weekend retreat" TBD

Teaching Internship Provided

2017-2018 Dates

September 22-24

October 13-15

November 17-19

January 19-21/ 2018

February 9-11

March 9-11

April 13-15

May 4-6

June 8-10

June 10 Graduation

Teaching Staff

Lisa Brodrick, Stephen Triolo

Guest Teachers

Dr. Edwin Bryant, Raghunath Cappo, Kartar Khalsa, Madan Mohan, Isaac Peña, Yoshio Hama,  'Ohana Rising Yoga Teachers

*Make up dates will be made available on a per case basis

Training dates are subject to change due to unforeseen events such as weather.


Early Registration (by January 15)...$3200

After January 15...$3500

A $500 nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve your enrollment.

Program Requirement

Courage, grace, the desire to go within & learn the purity of the timeless teachings.​

Tuition Investment Includes:
200hr. Teacher Training
Yoga Alliance RYT 200hr. Certification
Tea Service 
200hr Training Manual, Study Guide & Notebook
All classes are open to trainees during TT

Tuition & Payment Plans

Tuition: $3,500.

Early registration, If paid in full by 7/1/2017: $3,200

Payment plans are available from February - September 2017.  All plans are designed to be completed by program start date.  

Upon acceptance to the program, a $500. deposit towards your tuition is required to secure your placement.

Contact to set up your plan today!

Certification Criteria

  • A basic understanding of the principles, technique & methodology essential to teaching.
  • Completion of course hours, assignments & exams.  Assignments will include homework, journaling & essays.  
  • Completion of required Yoga Alliance course hours.  Make up time is limited and will be assigned on a case by case basis.
  • Completion of internship/ teaching hours.  For your benefit, we will provide teaching hour opportunities.  Any other teaching hours will have to be pre- approved.
  • ​A level of emotional maturity, mental stability, and personal integrity sufficient to create and maintain a safe and sacred environment that allows the personal transformation of students to occur.​ 

Please understand that your completion of the above requirements will be assessed through a set of standards that include attendance policy, review of homework assignments, the evaluation of practice teaching sessions, and integrity guidelines.  Student is responsible for their attendance, assignments & participation.

'Ohana Rising Yoga School