Imagine This:

What would happen if today's youth were taught to expand their

capacity to know?  If we taught our children to seek truth and

justice and encouraged lightness of heart, how would our society


When we live in tune with nature, in an atmosphere of creativity

and peace and we connect with spirituality, we have the answer to

a healthy future for our children.

Our mission with the children's programming is to support & inspire happy, healthy & whole children & the people that love them.  Through yoga, movement, music & art, we focus on development at every age level & foster growth in all intelligences.  Lisa Brodrick, founder of 'Ohana Rising, is a leader in child development & yoga for children of all abilities.  An educator for over 15 years, she has brought children's programming to many areas of the globe including Soweto, South Africa, in a collective program with Shakta Khalsa & Radiant Child Yoga*.  The teachers of all the children's programs at 'Ohana have training in child development, education as well as in children's yoga.  

*If you are interested in teaching children's yoga, there are many opportunities with Lisa, Shakta & Radiant Child Yoga.

Please email Lisa:

Current Class Schedule 

‚Äčas of 6/26/16

We are presently revising our Summer 2018

schedule.  Please be in touch via our contact page or check back here by 6/14/2018


Please check back often as we continue to add summer classes for the little ones!

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