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Our Fall session begins October 6 through November 23, 2019, for Prenatal, Baby, Toddler & Youth Programs! Email or click through our live schedule(classes page) to register. See below for a list of our prenatal, baby, toddler and youth classes.

Fall Prenatal & Children's Class Schedule

Register Online (from live schedule) or email

Check in with us as we schedule some fun weekend children's pop up events!

  • Conscious Pregnancy: Working with Mothers to Be (all gender & circumstance welcomed)

    Conscious Pregnancy: Working with Mothers to Be (all gender & circumstance welcomed) Saturday’s 1pm -2:15pm 10/19, 10/26, 11/2, 11/9 Investment: $60 for the series, or $20 drop-in

    All gender of parent are welcome. There will be movement and inspired education for all expectant nurturers. Directed movement for mother's carrying children as well as non carrying parents. Our children are raised within those nine months of pregnancy and development. These are very important days of life of the child. There is beauty in the realm of your belly that totally transforms. These are inspirational & practical tools that encourage a woman & nurturer to care for themselves and prepare for motherhood. If you are expecting a child that has already been born this is also appropriate for you. Please message me with questions.

  • Baby and Family

    Baby and Family Wednesday’s 10:30am October 9-November 136 week series: $60 or $15 drop-in No fee for additional family members. Babies must be at least 12-14 weeks old to pre crawler

    Through gentle movement, song & contact, families & caregivers are establishing a connection for lifelong learning & growth. This establishes play in yoga & the unified field from the beginning. All are welcome to come and play with baby, supporting our ever growing modern families and the village it takes to raise baby

  • Toddler Yoga!

    Toddler Yoga! Friday’s 10:30am October 11-November 23 Children’s 5 pass(ongoing) $50 or $15 drop-in No charge for family participation

    Crawlers/ Walkers up to 2/3yrs

    Your little ones are on the move! This class fosters learning, socio-emotional awareness & sensory development through music and movement. Families and care givers are encouraged to participate in this fun & energetic class.

  • Kids Yoga!

    Kids Yoga! Wednesday’s 4pm 10/2-11/20. Children’s 5 pass(ongoing) $50 or $15 drop-in

    Teaching yoga to children is very different from adults. We focus on supporting the child’s development & ability to self regulate by invoking the child's imagination through stories, songs, poems, activities, and games. Children’s yoga creates an imaginary environment through which children will learn movement, breathing, and meditation in a way that is joyful, meaningful and developmentally appropriate and fosters the child’s socio-emotional development. Children will sing, move, dance & create art – all while “playing at yoga.” Parents are welcome to wait for children or take the adult class opposite this class. Parent participation is not necessary at this age.

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